Purpose of Advisory Committee:  The purpose of the Advisory Committee is to make recommendations to the Administrator to propose to the Board of Township Trustees on matters related to the Township. 


General Duties & Responsibilities:

  1.            Research, deliberate, debate, and conclude a recommendation to the Administrator on any matters presented to the Committee for proposal to the Hamilton Township Board of Trustees.
  2.            Request data, documents, and any supporting information regarding a matter at hand.
  3.            Generally enlist community interest in Public Interest and Community events.
  4.            Each member is responsible for voting what they believe to be in the best interest of  Hamilton Township.



Ryan Ziemba – President 

Becki Walker– Vice President

Melinda Briggs – Secretary

Fritz Nelson – Board Member

Brandon Roark – Board Member

Mark Wernery – Board Member

Thomas Ketterer – Board Member