Fire Community News

The LOEB Foundation 

The Trustees of the LOEB Foundation met on October 1, 2015, for the purpose of considering the applications of the various fire and police departments. They determined that Hamilton Township Fire & Rescue shall receive a grant of $20,500.00 for the fiscal year 2015-2016! More information will follow about how the money will be spent.

Fire Department Report

“Management Partners is pleased to present this project report on the results of the Fire Department Organization Analysis. The report is based on our review of department operations and service demand profiles, and data provided by Fire Department staff either through personal interviews or written documents. Management Partners also conducted a survey of fire department employees and used the results of that survey to inform our analysis.”

“The report makes 17 recommendations for improving the operations of the Hamilton Township Fire Department in the areas of organization structure, resource deployment, automatic aid practices, and use of industry best practices.  While cost savings was not a primary objective of the engagement the report does identify operational modifications that have the potential for saving nearly $100,000 of annual operating costs. Other recommendations for strategic planning and regional cooperation would improve service quality while potentially saving money for fire departments in the region.”

 Hamilton Township Fire Department Final Draft