Zoning & Economic Development

Filing Deadlines

Submittals may be delivered to the Hamilton Township Planning and Zoning Department, 7780 South State Route 48, Hamilton Township, Ohio, 45039. Plans must be received by 5:30pm in order to meet the deadline.

All plans must be fully complete with 15 sets of folded copies. Rolled plans will no longer be accepted. Staff reserves the right to return incomplete sets of plans or schedule items for the following meeting date when the agenda becomes full. Items will be set on the agenda in the order they were received unless otherwise required by the Ohio Revised Code.

Hearings will take place at the Hamilton Township Administration Building, 7780 South State Route 48. Documents can be reviewed at the Township Planning and Zoning Office, between 8:00AM and 5:30PM Monday through Friday. Additional information on the agenda items for each meeting may be found here on our website.

*Stage 2 PUD Site Plan submittals must be received by Regional Planning Commission before Zoning Commission hearing date.

**Zoning Amendment Requests must first be reviewed by RPC before ZC hearing date is scheduled. Hearing dates must be advertised 30 days in advance of ZC hearing date.

***4th Monday due to the holiday.