Resources to Create an Eco-Focused Small Business

January 15, 2021

9 Resources to Create an Eco-Focused Small Business

Loving nature and developing a lucrative business in Hamilton Township can go hand-in-hand. The secret is knowing what to do before and after you create your brand. Whatever your passion, combining it with an eco-friendly approach can mean a lucrative business model.

Establish a Legitimate Company

Part of operating an above-board business that’s ethical and eco-friendly is handling the necessary paperwork and permits. Depending on your business model, consider these steps.

     Choose and research your business name to ensure no copyright violations.

     File paperwork to form your company as an Ohio LLC.

     Learn about the necessary taxes and fees you’ll pay as a business entity.

Go Green from Day One

Thinking ahead to how you’ll make your business eco-conscious and sustainable is a must. Before you start buying products or investing in tools, outline your brand’s eco-focus.

     Explore sustainability practices in the business world and your industry.

     Look into locally available green power approved by the EPA.

     Check out compostable materials for packaging and foodservice, as applicable.

Strategize a Smart Business Model

Creating a successful business requires some foresight, especially when you’re focusing on eco-conscious consumers. Try some unique business ideas to get you started.

     Start with an eCommerce model and modify it to achieve greener commerce.

     Go with a business idea that caters to others who want to go green (or just greener).

     Take inspiration from successful outdoor businesses and blaze your own path.

Business ownership doesn’t have to mean a focus on consumerism and creating tons of waste. You can develop an organization that’s both eco-conscious and environmentally friendly and make it a lucrative opportunity.

Photo via Unsplash

Article written by Joyce Wilson