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Hamilton Township RESIDENT

 Your participation in the 2020 Census is extremely valuable and greatly appreciated.  Census data is used to determine the level of federal funding and where to allocate funds for education, health care, economic development, transportation services, parks and recreation, schools, infrastructure, and other investments. In addition, census data guides private-sector investment decisions on where to invest in job creation, new facilities, and marketing. A good and accurate Census count affects Hamilton Township’s future and our quality of life. Please respond to the US 2020 Census questionnaire. Further information can be found at:

Hamilton Township, Warren County, Ohio

Data is pulled from US Census Bureau.



Median Income Level




Median income is $90K

Education Levels



No High school degree: 4.8% or 802 people

High school diploma 35.2% or 5,852

Higher degree 59.9% or 9,948

Some college 16.7% or 2,766

Associates 8.6% or 1,434

Bachelor’s 34.8% or 5,784

Master’s 12.1% or 2,012

Professional 3.3% or 543

Doctorate 1.1% or 175


Age Breakdown



0-17:    28.9% or 7,191

18-21:  2.48%  or 618

22-30:   22.2%  or 5,526

40-64:  33.6%  or 8,362

65+:  12.9% or 3,212


Total Population

 24,909 people