Police FAQs

How do I get a copy of a police report or traffic crash report?

All accident reports are posted on the website.  If you need any other reports please come to the Police Station at 7780 S. State Route 48, Maineville, OH  45039 or call (513) 683-0538.

When I go out of town, how can I have an officer check my residence?

You can either call the police department or stop in and request a VHC (Vacation House Check) be done. We ask information reference your departure and return dates, if your residence is alarmed, emergency contact information and a few other questions.

What do I do if I find someone dumping trash on my property?

Call the dispatch center (513-925-2525) and an officer will be sent to your home. If you find names and addresses in the trash, this can be used as evidence to prosecute the person(s) responsible.

What can I do about people trespassing (hunting, ATV, 4 wheelers) on my property?

Should you find someone trespassing on your property, call the dispatch center (513-925-2525) and a officer will be sent to your home. In order for you to prosecute, the person(s) must be on your property.

What's the speed limit on country roads through Residential Areas (row of homes along the road)?

55 MPH unless otherwise posted (not in a municipal corporation).