Police History

Hamilton Township has had some kind of law enforcement presence for many years. It started in the early 1960’s with the appointment of Mr. Bernie Chitwood as a constable, and C. O. Baston (father of Clyde E. Baston-former Township Trustee ) during the 1970’s and early ’80’s.

As the Township started to grow there was need for more police coverage. This was done by working with the Warren County Sheriff’s Office, and utilizing their Special Deputies. These volunteer officers were fully certified and were putting time in with the County to be able to continue their certification. Per an agreement with the Sheriff, some of these Deputies were assigned to work in Hamilton Township.  This allowed the Township to have one deputy for eight to ten hours of coverage per day.

This was acceptable for a number of years, but due to growth and the rise in calls for service, the Trustees began to consider starting a separate Township P.D. After researching the costs and feasibility, the decision was made to form a department.

On August 4, 1993 Trustee Fred Oeder made the motion to form the Hamilton Township Police District, and along with Trustees Clyde Baston and O. T. Bishop, the motion carried.

The date for swearing in the officers was set for September 1, 1993. Thirteen men were sworn in as Police Constables by State Representative George Terwilleger (former Township Trustee and Clerk, and County Commissioner), with Gene Duvelius being sworn in as the first Hamilton Township Police Chief. Scott Carlton was sworn in as the Assistant Chief.
The Department has done very well and grown with the township over the years. Frank Richardson became the second Chief in 2004. In 2010, with the unfortunate passing of Chief Richardson, Lieutenant Scott Carlton became Major Carlton and Acting Chief. Major Carlton continued as Acting Chief until the appointment of Chief Jon Wheeler in 2011. Chief Jon Wheeler retired February 29, 2016. As of March 24, 2016, Mr. Scott Hughes became the 5th Hamilton Township Police Chief .