Hamilton Township Roads

Hamilton Township Maintenance Department’s primary function is to maintain roads and right-of-ways for Hamilton Township. This department reports directly to the Hamilton Township Board of Trustees.

Right of Ways

The right-of-ways are controlled by the Warren County Engineers Office. The right-of-ways are not a domain to build in or plant in. If for example, you would like to pipe your ditch frontage, you have to contact the Warren County Engineers Office to apply for a permit. This permit is free of cost. A Representative from the Warren County Engineers Office will come out and look at the right-of-way and determine if it meets the requirements of the office to pipe the frontage. If it is, the engineers will layout what is needed to do that. This is all at the owners expense. (For material and labor.) If it does not meet the requirements, the engineer will not issue a permit and it cannot be piped. The same goes for a driveway pipe. You apply for a permit and the engineer will tell you what size and length of pipe to use. If it is a replacement pipe, the Road Department will dig out the old pipe and install a new one free of charge. The owner of the property has to buy the pipe itself.