Zoning Forms

This page was designed to inform you on how the zoning certificate process works in Hamilton Township and provide you a digital copy of important forms. All forms and the fee schedule are provided below in PDF format. All new buildings, residences, additions, signs, decks and accessory structures built or erected within Hamilton Township require an approved zoning certificate before work may commence. In order to apply for a zoning certificate you will need to complete an application and attach a site plan clearly indicating all setbacks, dimensions and areas of both the structure and the property where the structure is to be built.

Upon receipt of the completed application, site plan and appropriate fee, the Staff of the Planning and Zoning Department will process the zoning certificate within one week. The approved zoning certificate will be emailed back to the applicant and from there the applicant will need to file additional permits with the Warren County Building Department.

The Warren County Building Department will not issue a building permit for a structure until they have a copy of an approved zoning certificate. You may however, submit your building permit application to the Building Department after you submit your zoning certificate application to Hamilton Township. The zoning certificate application usually takes a shorter time to review and a copy of the approved zoning certificate application will be forwarded to the Building Department by the time your building permit has been reviewed.