Rules and Regulations

Cemetery Visiting Hours

Sunrise to Sunset, unless otherwise marked.

Grounds Flowers and Decorations

  1. All grave floral decorations are to be of fresh or artificial flowers only.
  2. Cut or artificial flowers are permitted in appropriate permanent vases year round. (See Section II-B for details)
  3. The placement of American Flags and/or National Flags shall be permitted on graves of Veterans of the Armed Forces and will be treated as all decorations.
  4. No flower pots or boxes will be permitted to be set on the lots, except for there (3) business days post burial interment.
  5. No planting of flowers, trees, shrubs or bushes will be permitted on or around the grave lot.
  6. Potted plants, glass or potters containers and open flames are strictly prohibited.
  7. No wrought iron stands, shepherd’s hook, figurines, stepping stones, gazing balls, wind chimes, fencing, decorative rock, ornamental flags, bird houses, toys, etc. allowed on grave lots.
  8. Wire or other materials are prohibited from holding decorations in place. (This is to prevent these items from being caught in equipment or being thrown from equipment and endangering our visitors or Township personnel.)

Monument Vases

Only the type of permanent vase is permissible, which, when not in use, may be inverted and sunk in the ground. It is recommended, vases should be placed inverted in the ground from November through March to prevent freezing and cracking.

Removal of Flowers and Decorations

All flowers and decorations will be removed and discarded at minimum one (1) time each month, approximately on the 15th day of each calendar month. It is  to be noted that during grass cutting season, flowers and decorations may be removed each week should it be required to prevent items from being caught in equipment or being thrown from equipment and endangering visitors or Township personnel.

Maintenance and Enforcement

Cemetery maintenance work may be performed only by Township employees or by duly authorized outside contractors.

All maintenance work will be performed under the supervision of the Road Supervisor under the direction of the Township Administrator.

Township personnel are charged with the responsibility of enforcing rules and regulations as established by the Hamilton Township Board of Trustee’s approve October 1, 2014.