County roads are maintained by the Warren County Engineers Office. The following list contains county road here in Hamilton Township: 

  • Butterworth Road 
  • Cozaddale-Murdoch Road 
  • Dallasburg Road
  • Grandin Road
  • Ludlum Road
  • Morrow-Cozaddale Road
  • Murdock-Goshen Road
  • Old 3C Highway
  • Roachester- Cozaddale Road
  • Stubbs Mill Road
  • Zoar Road
  • Foster-Maineville Road

The Warren County Engineer Office can be reached via telephone at (513) 695-3301 or on the web at


The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) maintains state roads. The following list contains state roads here in Hamilton Township. 

  • State Route 48
  • US Route 22/3

ODOT can be reached via telephone (513) 932-3030 or on the web at


All other road within the Township, with the exception of private drives, are maintained by the Hamilton Township Service Department. We can be reached at (513) 683-8520

Additionally, all of the roads within the corporation limits of the Village of Maineville, including S.R. 48, Zoar Road, and Foster-Maineville Road, are the responsibility of Maineville.