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Mailbox Damage Policy

Adopted February 20, 2008

A properly installed and maintained mailbox will withstand snow removal operations. If improperly placed the front face of the mailbox extends past the back of the curb edge or edge of pavement into the road/street. Chances are, the mailbox could be hit by the plow.

In the event your properly placed mailbox is down, you may call Hamilton Township Road and Maintenance Department at (513) 683-5320. The roads Division will repair/replace boxes damaged by a snow plow or mower strike. Replacements will be with a standard U.S. postal mailbox and 4”x 4” pine or cedar post if necessary.

Boxes down from snow plow throwing snow, is the homeowners responsibility. Boxes down due to deteriorated materials will be the responsibility of the owner.

Improperly installed boxes will be the responsibility of the owner.

All mailboxes including altered or custom-made mailboxes damaged by snow plow or mowers will be repaired by the Township. If not repairable the resident will have the option of a standard U.S. postal mailbox and post or the established cost of the materials for the U.S. postal mailbox and post materials.

The Township is not responsible for any mailbox that is above the standard U.S. Postal mailbox permitted in the right-of-way. Replacement of such will be the responsibility of the owner.

For mailboxes on County or State roads, you may contact Warren County Engineer at (513) 925-1364, or Ohio Department of Transportation at (513) 932-3010.

Lawn damage done by snow operations or the mower will be repaired by the Road/Maintenance Department by calling (513) 683-5320 to report the damages done.

Mailbox repairs will not take place until current snow operations are finished. If owner chooses to replace his mailbox before the snow removal is completed the Township will reimburse him for the box and post only, based on  a standard U.S. Postal mailbox cost for the year the damaged occurred Future snow events could delay repairs. This would not interfere with any mower damages unless it would be raining and then the repairs would take place when the ground would be dry enough to not damage any other areas.

If you are not sure if your road/street is a county, state, or township road you may contact the Township at (513) 683-8520.

Mailbox Information

Check your mailboxes and make sure they are ready for winter and comply with postal regulations.

Make sure your mailbox can withstand heavy snow thrown by passing plow trucks this winter. Autumn is a good time for residents to make cure their mailboxes are in good shape for the winter weather.

Common repairs include replacing loose hinges on a mailbox door, remounting a mailbox post that may have become loose, and replacing or adding house numbers.

Residents installing new mailboxes or replacing old ones must use USPS-approved traditional or contemporary mailboxes. Generally, the bottom of a mailbox should be at a vertical height of between 40 and 42 inches from the road surface and placed so carriers can safely and conveniently serve them without leaving their vehicles. Repairing your mailbox and making sure the post is securely set in the ground, will help it withstand the force of the heavy snow coming off the snow plows.

Damage to mailboxes resulting from snow plowing will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Mailboxes that are damaged by actual physical contact with township equipment will be repaired at the township expense, but only if they were properly located and installed. The mail box owner is responsible for repair or replacement of the mailbox if the mailbox was damaged by the pressure of the plowed snow and there was no physical contact with the plow equipment. To find out what the proper location of your mailbox is along the road way, contact your local postmaster.

As you inspect your mailbox it is also a good time to install reflectors that make your mailbox easier to see during storms or during dark hours. It’s a good idea to also make sure your house number is visible on your mailbox as this will assist mail carriers and emergency crews.